CDC Logo 2016

About The Band

Casa De Calacas unapologetically continues to evolve, redefine and reinvent what it means to be a band from East Los Angeles. The predominately Mexican-American suburb has churned out talented groups for decades on end. It’s no secret the bar has been set high for the historically rich music scene of East L.A. From industry icons like Los Lobos and Tierra, to Grammy winning globe-trotters, Ozomatli and La Santa Cecilia, the task of carrying the torch can be daunting. For Casa De Calacas, it’s an invitation to push the envelope and offer their own version of that distinct “East LA” sound.

With influences from varied ends of the musical spectrum, Casa De Calacas exist somewhere between a house party DJ and that vintage jukebox playing your favorite corridos late night at the taco spot.

CDC (as dubbed by fans) cleverly manages to carve out a niche, while paying homage to their culture and the city that birthed them. In classic “East LA” fashion, Casa De Calacas treat fans to a guided tour of sub-genres and hybrid styles, seamlessly fusing their influences to create their self branded, “Musica del Barrio.”

Touting a high energetic live show, audiences quickly find themselves engulfed in a relentless tsunami of sound. The goal to evoke a party-like atmosphere is not taken lightly. One moment you’re skanking up a sweat to saxophone blowing ska lines, the next you’re belting out a grito in unison with perfect strangers. Their mariachi-esque rock goes zero to sixty, sending crowds into a frenzy hip shaking trance. One fan exclaims, “It’s like getting a sonic punch to the face, and it feels great!” From infectious reggae-cumbias to Hip Hop inspired merengue, CDC fires on all cylinders at all times.

If there is one message Casa De Calacas passionately promotes, it’s the importance of family and unity. When CDC steps on stage delivering their message, they are quite literal about it. In 2005, Casa De Calacas began as impromptu jam sessions between cousins. These late night collaborations blossomed into a lengthy career as one of East LA’s long standing groups. Their longevity can be attributed to the unity within the band and the respect for family.

Meet the Band

Daniel Flores

Guiro/Don Calacas

Carlos Mora

Lead Vocals/Bass Player

Phil Sanabria

 Trumpet Player/Back up Vocals

Gus Flores

Tenor Sax/Back up Vocals

Carlos Zuniga


Adolfo Mercado


Greg Hernandez


Ed Perez